Welcome to Woman to Woman

Ann PhotoWoman to Woman (W2W) Mentoring is a program designed by successful, professional women to assist other women in attaining success at work and in
their personal lives.

WHY we are here:  We believe women helping to empower other women
is a critical path to personal and professional success.

HOW we contribute:  W2W matches women who need advice on a professional transition with women who have experience and confidence they wish to share.  They work together in a mentoring relationship to identify and achieve goals through ideas, challenge exercises, encouragement, advice and accountability.

WHAT we promise:  W2W empowers women who desire personal growth and professional development, to make transitions into or within the business world less daunting and more achievable.

As experienced business leaders, the W2W Board of Directors understands that having guidance in maneuvering the workplace maze can be both a lifesaver and a career changer.  It is our desire to make the transition from home, school, another life situation, or career movement in the business world less daunting.

We hope you will share in our goal by giving us your financial support, suggestions or direct help.  Please contact W2W via our email – womantowomanmentoring@gmail.com, for more information about this exciting program.

Very sincerely yours,

Anne Wamser, Founder